• A Private Tutor for English, Admissions, Creative Writing, Confidence and Interview Skills

    I’ve been a professional tutor for twelve years now, and independent for many years before that, and have steered hundreds of students of all ages to success in school, college, business and creative writing. I specialise in English but focus also on confidence and method – the particular alchemy needed to put our thoughts down on paper correctly or out into the world in the way we want.

    I work in tandem with some of London’s leading tutor agencies, including Superprof and Bespoke Tutors.

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    All of the teaching testimonials on my site are verified from real students.
  • Tutor and Mentor Daniel Sage

Early School

  • 7+

    • In-depth knowledge of the exam papers
    • Both English and Maths taught
    • Proven success rate with top independent schools
    • Confidence building and interview practice

    Increasingly an option for those frustrated by the 11+ congestion, 7+ entrance can be a way to enrol in the school you want and bed down all the way to senior school.

  • 11+

    • Proven success rate with many top schools
    • Students often receive multiple offers
    • Precise guidance, with mock tests and interviews
    • In-depth knowledge of different schools’ requirements
    • For 11+ and 7+, I offer Maths and Reasoning too (I have an A* grade Maths A-Level)

    11+ is one of the biggest hurdles of the current school system, with fierce competition and steep odds. I have had outstanding and consistent success with my students in the independent school race and am rated a leading 11+ tutor by Tutorfair and Superprof (for whom I am a tutor ambassador).

  • Common Entrance

    • Experience with all aspects of the admissions process
    • Rigorous skills analysis and monitoring
    • In-depth knowledge of different schools’ requirements
    • Interview training and practice

GCSE, A-Levels, Degree

  • GCSEs

    • Thorough knowledge of all five boards
    • Specialist in AQA, OCR and Edexcel
    • Track record, on average, of a two grade hike

    The GCSE landscape is as tricky as ever, with the English exams a combination of obstacle course and writing race.

    Several boards have changed their curriculum in recent years, some more than once, and there are new grade structures to deal with as well as greater competition than ever to filter students up towards the right A-levels and choice of university access.

    I work with my students to cover all aspects of their course material with many specific exam techniques that ensure maximum performance at the critical time.

  • A-Levels

    • Essay focus
    • Planning and structuring work time for optimum efficiency
    • Looking deeper into how texts are made and how to write about them

    A-Level English is a deep dive into our language ocean. The Language paper curriculum is demanding and wide in its scope, and we track all the various ways of communicating our little island has devised.

    The literature paper, similarly, asks a lot, and we must engage rigorously with the texts, analysing at a much deeper level than for GCSE, and writing up our findings with well-written, well-devised essays.

  • Degree

    • How to plan reading time and structure your workload
    • How to engage with texts more effectively
    • Guidance for writing – structuring and producing great essays
    • Essay proofreading

    From structuring your coursework and assignments through to proofing your final dissertation, I can help you with all aspects of your degree.

    Although my own focus is English, I have experience with modules from across the Humanities spectrum and am happy to guide you where I can to achieve the very most from your course. Get in touch for a free chat anytime.


Global Reach

I’ve had more than two hundred students from China, US, Italy, Japan, Australia, Lithuania, Mexico, Russia, France, Pakistan & more!


In-depth familiarity with all the main international curriculum and grading protocols.

Experience, Knowledge, Results

Helping students to prepare and ace a wide range of English exams and application routes for schools and colleges worldwide.

Get in touch to discuss your aims. Free half-hour assessment chat.


Interview Skills and Confidence

I am a trained interviewer and the author of the guide, Interview Superpower, and have conducted many hundreds of live interviews as well as holding mock interview sessions for my students.

My insider knowledge and human-centred approach will help you feel more confident about the whole business and even–as some students have reported back–enjoy the process!

Presentation and Public Speaking

I also coach for confidence in speaking and presenting in public and can help you to master how to present yourself in all manner of situations where your best self is called for.


Path-finding, Skill-building & Much More

Knowing what you want to do, knowing how to do it, and then being happy while you do it, are key to a good life.

I can help you to tune in to your core, whether in the corporate world, or in finding time to do what you love, or simply in feeling better about who you are and what you do.

I have worked in arts and finance for more than 25 years and developed a unique view that takes the best of each world, and I have many tips and proven ways for balancing our ever-more complex lives that I would be happy to share with you.

Creative Writing

From First Idea to Finished Manuscript

Twenty years’ experience of professional and creative writing, and the difficulties (and solutions thereof!) of getting what’s in our head (and heart) onto the page.

I know well the challenges and satisfactions of that strange and alluring realm we call creative writing and I shall be honoured to help you find your voice and to capture your story in all its raw glory and power.

Good Habits, Steady Practice

“Remember: when people tell you something’s wrong or doesn’t work for them, they are almost always right. When they tell you exactly what they think is wrong and how to fix it, they are almost always wrong,” said Neil Gaiman. Well, it’s a fine line. I will show you how to trust to your inner judge on the matter, and what to do when meeting all manner of advice along the way.

Plus, as Jodi Picoult says, “You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.”

Business Writing

With 20 years experience in investment banking, including 15 years as a copy-editor and presentation specialist at Goldman Sachs, I can help you polish your spoken and written English to a gleam.

Expert Guidance

  • Help with all forms of business communication: Emails, Reports, Statements, Memos, Letters and more
  • Tailored, expert advice for your Personal Statements, CVs and Query letters
  • A founder at London Business English

Get in touch for a chat anytime.