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  • Bad English is Bad for Business

    Study after study shows poor spelling and grammar, clumsy wording, and written and spoken English mistakes are a turn-off in business.

Three Levels Of Service

  • Proofreading

    Persuasive copy can be a game changer for your business.

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  • Copy Edit

    Deliver clear, concise, consistent prose on every page.

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  • Style Fix

    It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Make your writing shine.

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    • Bad English is bad for business
      Whatever country you are operating in, the evidence is clear. Even one misspelling can lose a sale or turn away a prospect
    • Science proves it!
      A 2012 study by Oxford University showed that while informal parts of the web such as Facebook and Twitter are tolerant towards poor grammar and spelling, the opposite is true for business
    • A killer issue
      “For a consumer wary of spam or phishing efforts, a misspelt word can be a killer issue,” concluded William Dutton, Professor of Internet Studies at Oxford University, who led the study
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    • Global mark of excellence
      Good English demonstrates care, quality and commitment to your products, services, and clients
    • Be the best
      Proofing, copy-editing and style advice is always worth it. Be confident that what you show the world is the best you can be
    • Content is still king
      But quality is his queen!


    Let Your English Show You At Your Best

    Business all over the world is conducted in English. Better English is always better for business.

    Let us help you achieve English excellence.

    Most writing will benefit from editing, but sometimes a quick polish is all you need. At other times, the full Monty is in order to make your words gleam.


Try It Out For Free!

Send us a few paragraphs. We’ll spruce them up and show you what an improvement it can make. Add some pointers if you have a specific tone or style in mind. But if not, we’ll make it snappy, bright, and bursting with English goodness!