Fall Curve

  • London, 2021

    A psychological drama about twin brothers who meet for the first time since being separated as babies, only to discover with shocking consequences that they come from perhaps the least functional family ever spawned. 

    ‘A taut tale of life under pressure in our century’s newest frontier. No Eve sprang from this garden – the snake gets everyone! Great stuff’
    Allen Josephs

    Jeff Rass longs for the family life he missed in foster care, so when he learns of a successful twin brother and uncle in London he travels to meet them with an open, hopeful heart.

    But the normality is a veneer. His uncle means to harm him while his brother is just a pawn in the old man’s warped games.

    In ever-constricting circles, Jeff winds around the heart of a city few emerge from untainted. He reaches out to his new English girlfriend, Serena, but she is enmeshed in her own terrible dilemma and may prove even more dangerous.

    A modern morality tale with a dark twist, Fall Curve tells of family love, youth vs. age, and mortality amid the disappearing limits of science.

    ‘A brilliant, suspenseful story. This sassy take on what it means to be human today radiates humour and intelligence on every page’
    Jack de Yonge, Zoetrope

    ‘My greatest pleasures in this writing are its exuberance for life and insight into the inner lives of the characters…Fall Curve ranges from London to California and back again on a gripping ride of emotional truths and shocking and surprising revelations. A hugely enjoyable read’
    Katie Jukes, author of the novel Strategies for Living

    ‘Impressive and compelling’
    Julie Everton, author of A Writer’s Travelling Companion

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      336 pages

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