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    • Everything he believed about his life was a lie. A kindly lie, but a crushing one. So when Jeff Rass discovers his family wants to kill him, he hardens up fast.

      The title Fall Curve has two meanings:

      1. The American sense of Fall to mean Autumn. Curve is the desire some people have in the autumn of their lives to ward off death with varying degrees of desperation. Great thrashing and denial can follow.
      2. Fall refers to the Fall of Man as depicted in the book of Genesis, with Curve a variation:
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    When Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden, God punished them by driving them out of the Garden and into the world where they would be subject to sickness and pain

    (including specifically of childbirth) and eventual death.

    • This is our God-given desserts, the bible seems to say. But, in our modern age,for the first time, we can see beyond the exile it promises us and we brandish our shiny tools and instruments at the sky.

  • “All I ask is the possibility of love!”

    Fall Curve

    In the OED

    fall, v. /fɔːl/

    …in phrases, fair fall, foul fall: may good or evil…

    fall what can,
    fall what will, fall…

    curve, n. : /kɜːv/

    bent, curved, crooked