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  • Life in Super Spandex

    Superheroes are walking planet Earth, and not just little people. Dressing up expands identity, say fans, and it’s a budding movement, all ages welcome. But can a new elastic me match the hype? To the bat-cave! I know plenty of kids, as I’m sure you do too, who like nothing more of a morning than […]

  • What, No Visa? Europe’s Migrant Crisis

    Like King Canute sat on his chair on the surf, Europe’s politicos are helpless before the ever-rising influx of refugees washing up on beaches, hiding in car engines, doing anything and everything to get here. All year, Europe has been agonising about what to do with the migrants flooding over, nay, desperately crawling in by […]

  • British Roos Loose in the Top Paddock

    It took fifteen police officers to catch Wesley the wallaby last week, the latest Antipodean visitor to go walkabout without anybody realising. They had to use a tranquiliser dart to down the little fella. “We detained the wallaby without the use of handcuffs,” said proud Inspector Richard Mallinson of the Yorkshire Police. Wallabies are creatures […]

  • Who Wants To Be A Billionaire?

    Bad hair, face in all the papers, everybody wants something. Your partners are only after one thing and you still have to obey the law. The nation that invented fairness and cricket (and irony) is having a tough time accommodating the world’s grumpiest billionaires and keeping them in line. A penthouse unit in Knightsbridge, central […]

  • Scottish Independence

    Best Friends, Siblings, Rivals, Lovers. But United Kingdom, Is It Time To Break Up? It’s Your Move, Scotland. Celebs have been penning love letters. Politicos scathing with diatribes. Stereotypes are flicking up their sporrans to show us what’s under the kilt. Will Scotland stay or will it go? Does it make a difference? Any moment, […]

  • Exquisitely Disgusting

    Everybody needs good neighbours, and the French are the best, but do we deserve them? Letter from London peers over the fence. Forget thugs and sharks, one of the scariest places you could ever find yourself is on the top deck of a London bus surrounded by drunk teenage girls. They sing, they rage, they drink, they […]