Letter from London

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  • Storm in a B Cup

    Heavy weather. UK water levels are the highest ever recorded, with more rain forecast Will global warming mean London’s new airport becomes home to white collar criminals in skirts? I’d like to say it’s stopped raining but it hasn’t. From the very first day the national hosepipe ban was announced last spring – reservoirs nearing […]

  • The Heat is On for Sporty London

    The summer sun is bringing Londoners out to play like never before. The Olympics are so last year. The island’s gone sports mad and no denying. Every other person is out running up and down or holding something in their hand, trying to hit balls at someone else. Even a few kids have been prised away […]

  • Illegal Aliens Invited Home for Christmas – Their Home

    New official strategies for UK immigration control are remnants of the bullying and intolerance of yesteryear, except they’re going down well with voters of all colours. Chuck ‘em out. Eat them! Chase them back to where they came from. Remember to shake hands on the way out. Like in Australia, the immigration debate here is […]

  • The Sexting Mayor: Gotham’s Newest Superhero?

    Will New Yorkers vote in dotty mayoral prospect Anthony Weiner? With his overly frank and forward ways, is he the right man for the city? We said yes to Boris. Ah, being mayor is a wondrous thing. You say Carlos, we say Boris. Carlos, Boris, Carlos, Boris. That’s his sexting name of course – Carlos. […]

  • Spies, God, and Solar Storms

    We’ve been under surveillance for millennia, since the last Ice Age perhaps, and certainly to the Cold War and beyond. But who do you prefer watching over you, God or the NSA? Leaks to the media are getting bigger all the time. Now we know it’s true our governments make machines to listen to all […]

  • Be The News Yourself

    An archive piece from Christmas 2011, so the news isn’t so new, but the themes curiously ring louder than ever… Just when exactly did the media start taking over? Few nations are as addicted as Britain is to its daily read. From the tits and arse spectacular of the redtops to the austere economics of the Financial […]