About Me

Teaching With Passion and Focus

    • MA, BA (Hons), English Language and Literature (Sussex)
    • British Council Scholarship
    • Published Author and Journalist
    • 12 Years Teaching Experience
    • 20 Years Corporate Experience, incl. 15 Years at Goldman Sachs
    • Enhanced DBS

    I specialise in motivating my students to improve quickly and with focus.

    Friendly, patient and experienced, and committed to seeing my students succeed.

    The author of four books, numerous short stories and articles, I can help you to make your written and spoken English shine.

An English and admissions specialist with an emphasis on building confidence for school and work, I help my students get the best from their exams and interviews, and develop winning essay, writing and communication skills.

Every year, I coach a cohort of students for admissions to the top independent schools in London and the Home Counties, with an outstanding and consistent success rate. In 2023/2024, all of my students got into all of their schools (in one case, seven – that makes for a hard choice)!

All testimonials on my site are real and verified.

I am available between sessions anytime for email and telephone queries.

Please message me to discuss your requirements and find the right time to suit. I look forward to speaking with you.


I have been a professional tutor for more than twelve years now, teaching English language and literature at all levels for all school grades up to university and beyond as well as for adults and visitors from overseas. This includes business writing and creative writing. I am passionate about sharing knowledge and showing my students ways to learn deeply and effectively.

I specialise in 11+ exams and admissions, GCSE English, creative writing, essay writing, and confidence building, including public speaking and presentation skills, invaluable for school entrance and getting ahead in business.

For 11+, I also teach Reasoning and Maths (I hold an A* grade Maths A-Level).

I am the author of four book – two novels, a travel guide and a how-to guide to interviews – as well as many short stories and articles. I have worked professionally in publishing and finance, and as a journalist.


I am friendly and humanistic in my approach, that is, I engage as directly with my students as possible to foster a warm and open environment that allows deep learning.

With effective and lasting ways to improve results, I help my students gain the skills they need to flourish and to achieve the highest marks. At the same time, they will often become more confident and enthusiastic about what they are studying, an attitude that can spread to other subjects too.


11+ has become a crucial milestone in the school system but presents tough obstacles too. Competition is hot for the best schools, and dedicated home tuition often brings great results. I always work in tandem with what my students are learning at school. It can be invaluable for them to focus on problem areas and hone their sharp edges too.

I have had great success with getting students into all the top London schools, often with multiple offers. My approach includes mock exams near exam time and interview practice in just the right amount so as not to appear too rehearsed!

I have an enormous trove of resources and can help you devise a bespoke work plan to ensure every aspect of the admissions process is covered.


Similarly, the GCSE landscape is as tricky as ever. Several boards have changed their curriculum in recent years, some more than once, and there are new grade structures to deal with as well as greater competition than ever to filter students up towards the right A-levels and choice of university access.

I work with students to cover all aspects of their course material with many specific exam techniques that ensure maximum performance at the critical time. The English exams are a combination of obstacle course and writing race, and, truer than ever, every little helps.


If creative writing is your aim, we can focus on that. I have twenty years’ experience of professional and creative writing and of the difficulties (and solutions thereof!) of getting what’s in our head (and heart) onto the page.

And if you just need to get ahead in class or in the office, or to face down any demons you may have, then we can do that. English is nothing to be afraid of, and it has a great deal to celebrate.


I specialise in helping my students prioritise what to focus on and to see improvement quickly. I often receive feedback saying how I helped students to feel positive about learning, which is a lovely compliment.

As a writer, I have four books published and a regular series of newspaper columns. For a number of years, I was the director of a publishing company based in London. All in all, this means I have a lot of practical experience on both sides of producing and appreciating texts. This understanding is core to my teaching and lets me help you to engage with English in a more rounded and useful way.

We will take time at the beginning to carefully evaluate your needs and to decide exactly on the best course for you to take.


I am a trained interviewer and have conducted more than 300 interviews in a corporate setting as well as reviewed thousands of CVs. As a tutor, I help young students and adults alike to pinpoint what to focus on in their interviews and to practice and feel confident for the big day. I also know a great deal about how to craft ace personal statements and introduction and query letters.

I specialise too in teaching public speaking and presentation, helping you to get up in front of other people to deliver with self-assurance and poise, and even to enjoy it!


Lessons online are a highly effective way to keep on top of study. Since Covid, we have all become used to learning and meeting online, but I was offering this route for several years before. It is as often as good as having lessons in person, and in some respects it is better: improved focus and concentration, access to the internet for research and resources, computer skills practice.

I offer 45 minute and one hour online classes, as well as video feedback for your work, essays, writing, etc. You can see a feedback video example here: https://youtu.be/S6ulRUJhW0c

I look forward to hearing from you and to helping you get the most from your lessons.

Please get in touch with any questions you may have or to discuss your requirements. I am available seven days a week and am based in Central and North West London.

  • A dedicated, highly-qualified English tutor with business and publishing experience who will push you to achieve the best results.

  • Proven success with all levels of the curriculum as well as creative and business writing and personal development.

  • Carefully structured lessons at your level, with flexible timetables to meet your needs and help you learn faster.

  • Full telephone and email support

Core Skills Taught

  • Grammar





  • Confidence